Dintr-un moment în altul

“Destination vs. direction. The distinction is subtle. A destination is a clear-cut thing; direction is intuitive. A destination is something outside of you. Direction is an inner feeling. You can feel it, you cannot know it. On the other hand, you can know destination but you cannot feel it. Destination is in the future. Once you set it, you start manipulating your life towards it. By fixing a destination your future is no longer a future, it is no longer open. Now you have chosen an alternative. Direction is something alive, is the moment. It knows nothing of the future, but it throbs, pulsates. And out of this pulsating moment the next moment is created. Not by any decision on your part but just because you live this moment and you live it totally and you love this moment wholly and out of this wholeness the next moment is born. It is going to have a direction. And this is not imposed by you, it just happens. So… Direction? One simply lives the moment in deep trust that life will decide. One lives the moment so totally that out of this abandon a freshness is born. And the future starts taking shape. But this shape is not forced into being, it is earned. And that’s it’s beauty.”

(“Intuition. Knowing beyond logic.”, citită hmmm… acum aproape un an. Perioada Osho.)

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